Dangerous Waters

I have been quite silent since my first post- mainly because, as a mother of three, it was pretty optimistic of me to think I could add a blog to my already overflowing plate of things to do. But also because I became hyper aware that the public out and about are not always kind. That was something I worried about and so was paralyzed to write anything for a very long while as reality escalated to the most amazing heights of sheer insanity with politics and then the COVID pandemic. But I cannot be silent any longer no matter what the “public” has to say about what I write. Recent events in the Capitol during what should have been a truly boring and mundane official electoral vote count demand a response- even from a simple citizen on the other side of the country from what happened.

We are in dangerous waters now. We must call a spade and a spade and not sugarcoat what has happened. Insurrection and protests are two very different beasts. Make no mistake- actions and decisions made surrounding this insurrection will have repercussions for many years to come. We will need to be ever vigilant to defend our democracy against people who are too afraid to admit how fragile our American experiment really is, and those who would take advantage of that fact. There must be very public, very definite and very heavy consequences for all the insurrectionists- whether they be a part of our current government or are simply citizens of it. Words have weight as much as flagpoles. There is death and blood on these people’s hands whether it can be seen or not and the rest of us cannot shy away from naming the enemy among us and bringing it to heel.

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