Look out world, I’ve got an itch to start writing… something.

Well, hello there! I have to start off with a disclaimer because..trolls. Or at least I think that’s the term for people or bots or organizations or whatever- that choose to comment hellaciously on whatever topic some poor random sod has decided to put out there in an attempt to reach out to humanity. So here it is…

I am not perfect. I do not always agree with you and consequently do not expect you to agree with me all the time. Imagine that! I misspell things, will probably completely mangle traditional grammar rules and am an absolute failure at remembering where I read something, who I heard something from or any sort of provenance of ideas. I will, depending on my mood, energy levels and how many kids are screaming, complaining or breaking things in my vicinity, do my best to link, explain, drop names or otherwise provide some desultory factual info as I can. But hey- you can always comment and I can make that a to-do list item and see what comes of that. I reserve the right to boot you, block you, swear at you, scold you, school you, disagree with you, ignore you, and well… all of that because really? I don’t need anything on my page that isn’t at least a semblance of constructive criticism. I also reserve the right to change this disclaimer whenever the heck I want to! Thpphtppt! SO THERE!

Now that that little item of housekeeping is done…let me say a few things about myself!

I am 47. Born in Washington raised in California after a two year hiatus in Boise, Idaho. I spent my early years in and around Sunnyvale, California, as the Bay Area was evolving into Silicon Valley as we know it today. I went to college at Uof A in Fairbanks, Alaska, met the first husband, who was in the Army, and spent nearly 9 years in the South at 3 different posts, finishing my Art degree with a Biology minor via correspondence courses. ( A correspondence course, for those of you not in the know, is just like an online course only via snail mail – a practice that was prevalent in Alaska for forever before the internet was even a dream of a dream.)

Eventually that lovely life adventure devolved into divorce with no kids and I high-tailed it back to California to be near family and friends. I started dating an old high school friend, bumped uglies judiciously as these things are wont to go and POW!, ended up preggers with #1 unexpectedly. ( I had concluded I was not able to have children at this point so wasn’t concerned but man was I WRONG!) We honeymooned, then FINALLY married ! AFTER #1 was born. I refused to be a pregnant bride, thank you very much. ( We all have our pecadillos, my friends. Even the World’s Okayest Mom!) I now have 3 kids I adore and loathe all at the same time and am limping along thru life the best way I know how- one day at a time. Which is, I am beginning to suspect, how most people do this stuff.

At this point, I have decided to attempt writing as a career, for many reasons I refuse to list here because who they heck cares? The fact is I am putting myself out there on the proverbial limb so Life, the Universe, and Everything can take a great big baseball bat in the sky whack at me now and again.

Since this post is about everything and nothing- Seinfeld comes to mind as I type that- I am curious if anyone out there has any ideas for blog topics…I’ll make a list myself and work from that – but I am truly interested in what anyone would like to hear me pontificate on…I can be conceited like that sometimes. And feel free to comment as that will help me get the hang of this blogging thing and maybe i just might say something about something on the next go ‘round!